Welcome to Hotel Vila Santa

Vila Santa is a cozy hotel where you will always be greeted with a smile, with a call "caress of society", it is very important to our family that you feel at ease, we  can serve you in everything we can.
We are not the greatest hotel  but we take special pains that you feel well  attended, and when  go back to your country thinking that you stayed  in the right place.
A "good morning"  a  "have a nice day" is important for us, to take care of everyone of our guests, because they were people who trusted us without meet  us.

When we started  Vila Santa  didn`t  have oil paintings, elevator and  the  decoration  was poor, now with hard work  and stubbornness has  achieved to become  in a  cozy place with all the services of a 3 star hotel.

The Peruvian Chef Gastón  Acurio  once said  "The more less, is not enough for  the customer to return" and  his words are a  principle for us, that`s  why our everyday  effort, we work mainly by recommendation , it means a  doubly responsibility for us .

We provide services to executives and tourists, we have  good wifi  system , secretarial service, prints, flight confirmation, tourist information, location maps, and more.

We would like to thank all the people who trusted us to make this dream a reality called "Vila Santa".

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Hotel Vila Santa Miraflores

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Certificate of Excellence

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